Queen of the Forest 10 Point Antler Headdress


Make a strong visual statement with this exquisite, massive, and beautiful piece. All hail the Queen of the Forest! <3

This unique and opulent headdress features huge 10 point buck antlers cast in resin from the original idolatre sculpture (which means they are 100% vegan from start to finish), and faun ears cast in resin from the original idolatre sculptures. All pieces are hand painted with exquisite attention to detail. It gracefully circles the head in faux flowers, beautiful beaded trims, and breath taking attention to detail. The headdress is built on a contoured firm plastic base covered in felt with an adjustable elastic strap that sweeps down around the nape of the neck.

Headdress in 1st and 2nd image has antlers in Tan & Gold and the color scheme Meadow Sky. 3rd and 4th image feature antlers in Tan & Gold and the color scheme Tea Room White. If you've got a specific color or look you're trying to achieve, simply choose "custom" and enter your preferences in your note to seller with purchase for an entirely unique look.

Please note that although these resin cast antlers are much lighter than a set of real antlers of the same size, this piece is very large. It weighs around 2.5 lbs, and measures 16" tall (including base) by 16" wide. It may be best suited for someone who is used to wearing large headdresses, and is accustomed to the weight/slight movement restrictions associated with them.

Love DIY? Get the antlers here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/232854320/10-point-buck-antlers

Thanks for looking. <3

1st & 2nd Photo:
Model: Kindrameda
Photo: Thalia Mosh
Outfit: Purrfect Pineapples

3rd Photo:
Model: Trixie Divine
Photo: JLD Imagery
Outfit: idolatre clothing co.
MUA: Stefanie Louise and Bre Diaz

4th Photo:
Model: Chelsea Nycole
Photo: Hanah Reed

***All designs, logos, and photos are property of Idolatre Clothing Co. and MAY NOT be used without specific written permission. Violators will be prosecuted.***

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are your processing times 2 weeks even for unfinished component pieces?

Everything I make is handmade from scratch. For real. Many horn sellers on Etsy purchase Party City horns to paint or modify into headpieces, but all of mine are made from the ground up. (If you'd like to see a direct comparison illustrating why handmade is so much better than re-purposed/revamped costume store pieces, check out this picture of a headdress I made when I was just getting into headdress making arts specifically in 2010 with purchased horns: https://www.etsy.com/listing/46369420/maenad-ram-horn-headdress?ref=shop_review vs this same headdress style with horns that were cast from my original sculptures: https://www.etsy.com/listing/60339371/maenad-ram-horn-headdress Way better, right? I thought so, too.)

What goes into producing your cast pieces besides just casting the item?

Post casting there are a variety of tasks performed to ensure you get high quality pieces of art. First, all pour spouts and vents are delicately cut off the pieces. Then seams sanded, & small details replaced that may have been lost during the previous processes. Each piece is inspected for imperfections, and corrected with a dremel. If the pieces are to be mounted on a headband, oblong holes are removed from the base, & the openings are sanded to reduce elastic friction. If the pieces are scheduled to be painted, they would then be primed with a spray primer for best paint adhesion, then coated with acrylic spray paint for their base coat. After 3-6 hours cure time for both spray steps, they are ready for hand painting & mounting. Whew!

I am an international customer and I do not wish to pay customs. Will you lie for me on the shipping receipts and say my purchase was really a gift so I don't have to pay ____ country's duties and tariffs?

I print all my shipping from Etsy directly, so this is not an option. I also will not undervalue a package being shipped internationally as I include insurance for the full value of the package contents. Even when marked as a gift, tariffs can still be charged when it is opened and inspected by a customs officer at the border if it looks suspiciously like a purchase, which purchases usually do. I can be held responsible legally and FINED for lying on customs forms. The fines for these violations are huge, and I will not take that risk. Additionally, please note that I will not give refunds for items returned to me due to non-payment of import dues. Concerned? Check: simplyduty.com/import-calculator to calculate costs incurred by your gov.

Do you offer wholesale discounts on your unfinished resin products?

I'm sorry, but I do not wholesale my resin components. I sell individual unfinished resin pieces as an egalitarian gesture to individuals who would not otherwise be able to afford a headdress so that they can still purchase something in their price range and create their own magic. Art is my full time job so I know all about wanting wonderful things that cost more than I can afford! It should go without saying, but: ITEMS PURCHASED MAY NOT BE REPLICATED WITHOUT SPECIFIC WRITTEN PERMISSION. NO EXCEPTIONS.

That said, I do offer wholesale discounts on completed headdresses purchased in quantity, so if you're doing a group cosplay, stocking your boutique, or outfitting your theater or dance troupe do not hesitate to ask!

I want to purchase your ___ and use it in a photo shoot- is that alright?

Absolutely! I'm flattered you would want to use my art in the creation of your own. In fact, feel free to use the coupon code PHOTOSHOOT10 at checkout for 10% off your purchase.

I really like your stuff and I want to make something exactly like it- where do you buy your ____?

Part of the hard work that goes into making visually compelling products is sourcing wonderful materials. This takes a lot of time and effort, and helps my items look unique. If I gave away the sources that I have worked hard to acquire, it would compromise the individualism of my shop. This is actually part of the reason I've evolved my store to make almost all my own components & findings- because if they are purchased from a vendor, people will find that vendor, then all of a sudden 40 copy shops pop up on Etsy attempting to make something suspiciously resembling your products. Needless to say, that it's more than disheartening when you work so hard to develop your own unique designs. So sorry, but I'm not sharing sources.

Are these horns/antlers "real"? Do you use "real" fur?

Nope! The horns and antlers are composed of Smooth Cast 300, a polyurethane resin. Not only that, but they're not cast from real horns or antlers, either. Which means that not only are they more balanced and far lighter weight for a human head/neck than their natural counterparts, they're also symmetrical little works of art for your head that are completely vegan from start to finish. Likewise with the fur- it's all high quality acrylic and animal free.

Is this price in any way negotiable?

Sorry, all my prices reflect the time it takes for me to make the items and the cost of materials. This is more than an expensive hobby for me, this is how I make a living.

Can I have progress shots of my order?

I'm afraid this is not a service I offer as the time to stage and take the shots is not included in the cost of the item.

Reviews (4)


Amazing, a experience that I will to do again.

http://www.imagebam.com/image/a42baa438352478 This is a beautiful product. I used it for my mother earth costume for the Renaissance Fair here where I live. It is in the top 5 category for being the best Renaissance Festival in the country. So when I opened this baby up I was so excited I couldn't handle myself. The detail of the work is gorgeous. The horns are very sturdy and the flowers stayed put. I wore it all day at the fair and it was so comfortable, even the chin strap didn't bother me. It was very light and even though I wasn't used to having something like this on my head I was able to maneuver quite fluidly. I did have to take it off every time I used the lavatory, since a port-a-potty isn't a nice place to take this piece of artwork. I am SO happy with this product. Check out the link above to see it :)

All I can say is wow! Very detailed work and a very exquisite piece!

stunning antler, really well made, love it

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